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Illiyrian Mehmetaj

Pharmaceutical technologist with scientific work experience.

He devoted himself intensively to his work in the last 17 years,

taking care to bring the best products from different branches to the market, certainly lending

concern and attention to your client, being active until the



Medicinal Tabacco

Our 0% nicotine tobacco, with 11 varieties of medicinal plants, which are beneficial for diseases such as spastic bronchitis, bronchodilator and trachea. Also helping as a momentary pain reliever and relieving nicotine withdrawal.


Our distillery has the highest production certification currently. The company offers a wide range of very high quality products, such as Cognac, Gin, Juniper, Raki, Fernet, Uzo, Marula, Xhol, which are treated traditional Albanian liqueurs.



House Pharma

House Pharma part of the pharmaceutical industry, with a wide catalog of dermatological creams, treatment for various skin diseases. Free of animal testing.

The best way to take care of your skin and body without damaging it.

Medicinal Tabacco

Our Nure tabcco 100% natural, is made from 11 medicinal plants grown only in Greece, Italy and Albania.

It is recommended for bronchial asthma, spastigic bronchitis, including sputum,

strong and irritating cough. It helps in insomnia, and leave narcotic substances such as cannabis sativa, marijuana including hashish.

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The House Pharma distillery was established in 2007 and in a very short time it has achieved success in the world market. The passion for technology has pushed

to the company to expand and modernize day by day. Currently, the company offers a wide range of very high quality products, such as Cognac, Gin, Juniper, Raki, Fernet, Uzo, Marula, Xhol, which are traditional Albanian spirits.

Our distillery has production with the highest

certification and administration managed by Illiryan Mehmetaj who possesses powerful knowledge

and applies new technologies that exceed the limits of science and technology to the production of alcohol.

The construction of this industry by the company was favored by the fact that there were raw materials and plants nearby.

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Our speciality

DAG ̈is an original alcoholic beverage, with good organosensory qualities, elaborated and tested for the first time on November 10, 2018. This cognac is a high quality drink, with a natural and unique color, aroma and flavor. That combines tradition and innovation.

COMPOSITION: In the composition of Cognac "DAG" V.V.S.O.P there is grape alcohol produced from wine that is obtained from special varieties of grapes grown in southern Albania, aged in wood pulp extracted from oaks over 100 years old. Softening of Cognac "DAG" is carried out for six to ten years by keeping it in a glass container and occasionally bombarding it with ultraviolet rays at a temperature of 35-40°C.

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: • "DAG" Cognac is a strong alcoholic beverage, which is produced from grape wine.*Only certain grape varieties are used for production. *"DAG" cognac has 40% alcohol. Cognac "DAG" has a rich aroma, a delicate taste that remains for a long time in the mouth and in the glass. After the distillation of the wine, the Cognac alcohol is obtained, which is processed with oak pulp. The drink with this process acquires the flavor and aroma of oak wood, where during maturation it also acquires an original color, producing an EXTRA drink.

TECHNOLOGY: Cognac "DAG" is prepared, produced and aged in glass containers and in oak sawdust extracted from the heartwood of oaks over 100 years old. This Cognac is produced solely from grapes grown in the southern regions of Albania, where the soils are rich in limestone that give Cognac a complex floral-fruity aroma. Distilled by double distillation in copper cauldrons. The aging is obtained by keeping it one year in oak barrels and the other years in a glass container bombarding it with ultraviolet rays. In the first year of aging, Cognac acquires its characteristic golden brown color, after which it acquires its natural aroma and flavor.

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Natural eco organic product

The House Pharma Laboratory, part of the pharmaceutical industry, produces pharmaceutical, dermatological, antirheumatic preparations and many other treatments for skin diseases. We are an active laboratory in the production and marketing of products of plant origin for medical use and also in the branch of cosmetics, which are 100% bio-organic. Our mission is your health and beauty through nature, Because nothing can heal you and make you more beautiful than plants and flowers. As an objective, to offer the consumer safe products, without the content of chemicals and substances harmful to health. This laboratory has created a complete series of care products with plant essences and nutritional products for the skin care according to the scientific rules of pharmaceutical productio The range of dermatological care responds to the specific needs of sensitive baby skin, frail and irritated children and adults. The message that permeates our culture, mission, values and goals is beyond sales and service, to build relationships, solving the patient's problems. Therefore, our motto is: We do not sell products or services! We offer solutions to your problems! Always care and protection for the skin. We produce products designed to protect human health and cure various skin diseases. The promotion of the products is done by putting the patient first of all, both in the Albanian domestic market and in the international one, acquiring the basic qualities of life.

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Feedback from Clients

Nothing to claim from its cognace, I love the woody taste it has, a mixture of smells that combine and form an incredible experience. Perfect to accompany with chocolate.

- Tommy


I smoked for more than 8 years and since I started smoking tobacco Nure was a great help. It serves as a natural sedative, which makes me not feel like smoking and also cleans my lungs.

- Teddy Yuhui

The creams are of very good quality, it is not sticky at all and moisturizes the skin a lot. I recommend the ATEIST for skin care. The 24K gold cream leaves a very natural luminous effect on the skin.

- Laura


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